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creative research


creative research

Information gathering, ideas, stories, local contributors and celebrities

Location Support


location support

Scouting, permits, managing, cleaning – in over 2.200.000 square km


Logistics support


logistics support

Flexible travelling, Transport, organization, timesheets, catering, specialized trucks and heavy equipment

Experienced crew


experienced crew

top professionals in every department, speaking fluent English

tax rebate


up to 50%

Film Fixers Balkans is your go-to production services partner to benefit from all the cash-back schemes in the Balkans.
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Equipment, VFX, Post-production and more


cash rebate by country



A local company is needed so you can take advantage of this opportunity as the eligible expenses are purchased goods and provided services, use of locations, crew payments and royalties to the local crew. 



Qualified spend consists of the costs of goods and services purchased in Croatia and wages paid to Croatian tax residents for services carried out in Croatia.

Productions' minimum spend must be respectively: 266K euros for feature films, 40K euros for documentaries, 133K euros for television films,  99K euros for each tv episode.



Minimum expenditure in the Republic of Cyprus which amounts to at least €200,000 in the case of feature films, €100,000 for television drama series or self contained drama films, €50,000 for documentaries for television or cinema broadcast and €30,000 for other television programmes. It is noted that in any case of minimum expenditure in the Republic of Cyprus, the above amounts should not exceed 50% of the total production budget.



Projects must lead to the production of a feature film, TV film, TV series or mini-series, animation, documentary film, commercial, reality show, or music video. At least 50% of the total production budget should be in place at the time of application. Continuous projects as well as projects requesting a higher qualified expenses than 1.5m euros.



Maximum eligible production cost: up to 80% of total budget. Maximum eligible above-the-line (ATL) spend: up to 25% of the maximum eligible production cost.  Minimum spending of 100,000€ for films 25,000€ per TV episode + total minimum for TV series at 100,000€ / 15,000€ per TV episode (70 episodes minimum + total minimum for TV series at 100,000€) and more.



No minimum expenses!

Production expenses incurred outside of Hungary can qualify in an amount up to 1/4 of the total qualified Hungarian production expenses. If 80 units are spent in Hungary, another 20 units of foreign spend can also be deemed qualifying / eligible spend.



Formats eligible for support are fiction films, documentaries, TV series and TV films. Applications will be evaluated on the basis of the production's cultural value, the employment of local film crew and talents, and the use of Montenegrin production facilities. 

North macedonia


A film producer who in Republic of North Macedonia has invested minimum of 100K euros funds for filming a feature, documentary, animation or television film or television series (hereinafter referred to as: film/television project).

Note: Television shows and other TV programs are considered ineligible for this programme.



Minimum local spend needs to be 20% of the total budget of the project, minimum 100.000 euros for for the production of films, such as short, medium and long feature fiction film, miniseries or television series, films intended for direct video distribution or the Internet or any other type of support, artistic documentaries, animation films.



The program provides a 25% cash rebate on qualified Serbian spend for feature films, TV series, animation films, documentaries and visual effects, 20% for TV commercials and 30% cash rebate on qualified Serbian spend for feature films whose budget is minimum 5 million EUR.

There is no cap for the applicant's budget!



Minimum spend starting from 100 000 € for fiction, 50 000 € for documentaries and animation, 200 000 € for TV series. Instalments are open to discussion. 

The projects should be as it follows: fiction film -  over 70 minutes, TV series - 26 episodes, docuemntary series over 25 minutes and so on.



The eligible production formats include feature films, documentaries, TV drama, and animation. The incentive does not apply to commercials, reality TV, game shows, and soaps. The applicants shall submit their applications at least 45 days before they start shooting (or producing, in case of animated films) in the Republic of Slovenia.



Any productions looking to film in Turkey and access the incentive will need to spend at least 430K euros /by recent exchange rate/ in the country for feature films, and 67K euros for documentaries and Tv series (per episode) of minimum 42 minutes.

The country needs to be included in the script.



Feature films, documentaries, and animated films are eligible, as well as TV feature films or animated series, commercials, and music videos.

Foreign film production entity shall receive the cash rebate through Ukrainian film production entity, as we have our partners there, that must be engaged by it in film production on the basis of agreement.