• "I had a great experience working with Trayan and his team, they were very efficient and professional. It was really great that we kept a really good professional relationship and we were always happy to engage them for our further projects considering their wide connections and the coverage of the countries they provide. Almost the whole team was speaking very good English and were very helpful and always there when you needed them. Great knowledge of the area and the local customs and rules. I’ll always be happy to work with them in the future."

  • "Thank you all for being my surrogate family! Through both the highs and the lows, I genuinely feel we’ve overcome mountains together. So again thank you all so much, you’ve been an amazing team!!!"

  • "Producing any shoot is tough, but my show really takes the cake. It is producing a ballet of chaos, in a harsh and ever changing landscape of difficult environments… and the team at Film Fixers Balkans were instrumental in the success of the shoot. In short, I would highly recommend them. "

  • "I was highly impressed by the whole process and by the work of the Bulgarian team. Everyone is very professional and I hope to come again for more shoots in the future!"

  • "We were impressed with how smoothly everything went and the great job you guys did. Patrick, the DOP, has done so many international shoots that it takes a lot to impress him! Thank you so much! The team is very happy!"

  • "We were very happy about your services. You did a very good job, very alert, proactive. Obviously you are bright people, and, not the least, a pleasant team to be around, which is important when you spend four days together. We really enjoyed working with you."


Robert Buchta, executive of running wild


Rupert Greaves, producer of the great travel hack


Justin Pierret, Producer of duAL SURVIVAL


Bear Grylls, host of Running wild


erin oxford, LINE PRODUCER of atlas of incr. places


Jan Vinholdt, director of Horizon

Why they chose us?

We, at Film Fixers Balkans, have dedicated ourselves to collect plenty of interesting stories and places from our region that may be of interest for your next project. We love our job and the clients that have trusted us talk about it. National Geographic “Running Wild with Bear Grylls”, NBC “Total Divas”, as well as BBC The Travel Show and many more.