The Film Fixers Balkans FAQS directly answers your questions regarding our production company in Bulgaria and our film services. If your question is not listed, please contact our production company.

In these difficult times when the world is challenged and many countries are fighting against COVID-19, we understand the importance of regional cooperation, as well as the importance of fast flow of relevant information significant for all affected countries.

However, our region has its borders opened to working with international cast and crews, as long as the green passes are with you when crossing the border.

On this page you can have the latest information on what is it and how to get it so you can have your project shot in every desired location on our map. 

VAT in the Balkan countries vary from state to state:

Bulgaria-20%; Romania-19%; Montenegro-21%; Serbia-20%; Turkey-30%; Bosnia and Herzegovina-17%;  Cyprus-19%; Hungary-27%, Albania-20%, Croatia-25%, Hungary-27%, North Macedonia-18%

Film Fixers Balkans will offer you a full support in reclaiming VAT from all your expenses in these countries.

North Macedonia

20% cash rebate on Macedonian production costs. Requirements: You must spend a minimum of $113,000, have 50% of funding already in place, and have a Macedonian producer involved.

Czech Republic

20% rebate on qualifying Czech spending; 66% rebate on international costs paid to foreign above-the-line cast and crew who pay withholding tax in the Czech Republic.Requirements: Feature films must spend more than $628,000; documentaries must spend more than $83,000. Your production must pass this test, as well.


20% rebate on qualifying Croatian expenditure.Requirements: The applicant must be a Croatian producer, co-producer, or production service provider that has produced or provided production services for at least one publicly shown work within the last 3 years.


25% of Qualifying Serbian Spend for features, TV Series, documentaries, animation and post-production.20% for TV Commercials.30% for feature films with Serbian Spend of minimum 5.000.000 EUR


Montenegro offers a cash rebate of 25% for international or co-produced feature films, documentaries and animations, as well as TV films and series that meet the minimum local spend. Projects will undergo a cultural test and must make use of Montenegro’s crew, talent and production capabilities.


The Greek cash rebate amounts to 35% on the eligible expenses incurred in Greece for all beneficiaries. Producers will have access to state aid once they pass the cultural test and spend at least €100,000 in the case of feature films or documentaries.


The 35-45% tax rebate applies to feature films, documentary features and TV series, as well as short films. Open to international, co-produced and national productions, twenty percent of the total budget must be spent in Romania to qualify. A 10% uplift is applied to projects which promote Romania, a geographical area or city.


The cash rebate amounts up to 25 % of the total acknowledged expenses for the realization of the (post)production of an individual project, incurred in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia. The applicant must be a Slovenian producer, co-producer, or production service provider that has produced or provided production services for at least one publicly shown audiovisual work within the last three years.


The Balkan countries use different currencies.Some as members of the EU use the Euro others have their own local currencies.

No, as there are many equipment companies we work with can provide you with the latest camera modules, lighting equipment, grips and other high quality gear.

The Balkans are becoming a go to location for many western productions. Some of the most notable are: Casino Royale; The Expendables; Argo; Taken; 007 Skyfall; Hitman; Harry Potter and the order of the Phoenix; Indiana jones – The last crusade and many more. Stay tuned!

The Balkans offers amazing outdoor tourist activities – skiing, mountain cycling and water sports as well as nontrivial shopping and restaurants with traditional , European and Oriental cuisine. There are a lot of museums, art galleries and theatres for art-lovers and very active night life with bars and night clubs opened until early in the morning for those who love to party. 

The Balkans are located in eastern Europe and there are several big airports that offer easy and affordable flights to the rest of Europe in just around an hour.

If your question is not in the FAQS, please contact our production company.