Varied natural scenery

The Balkans are famous with the various cimate and many different landscape features and many diverse places to go and see.From high snowy mountaintops to nice sunny sandy beaches, wide golden planes, misty forrests and many more!

Urban architecture

Architecture in the Balkans ranges from western-European gothic, Venetian style in the western side of the balkans to Oriental and mid eastern architecture in the south eastern side of the peninsula.There are also a lot of Communism era buildings left as heritage for most of the countries.


The Balkans have a diverse  climate ranging from sub-tropical, mediterranian in the western balkans.To moderate continental and mountainous in the middle part of the peninsula.

Low operating costs

The countries in the balkans are emerging economies where costs are significantly lower than in Central European countries. It means that not only the cost of filming but the cost of your whole crew staying in the Balkans and travelling around the country will, in the end, be lower than what you would spend in many other countries.

Add to this refundable VAT on all the money you spend inside the country and the countries in the peninsula will definitely seem a very attractive choice.

Easy access

The Balkans are very easy to access.Being in the mainland of Europe there are a lot of major airports close by with affordable flights from all over the world. And some of the states being members of the EU it you can come here with no passport needed.